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Today’s stats!!

A little protein heavy today but it won’t kill me, lol. Still getting used to the increased carb! Water intake was a little low because I left my water bottle at my boyfriends 😭 got my big 32 oz cup now though so I’m working on that while I get ready for bed, lol.

Did legs at the gym! 10 min biking, squats w/ drop sets, leg press, calf press, glute bridges, leg extensions, leg curls, and calf machine. Usually I do 10-20 min stairmaster post weights but my cramps had set in and I was fuckin out of there.

Apps used are myfitnesspal and fitbit!

so i’ve been getting significantly weaker in the gym. a 135 lb squat feels REALLY HEAVY when that used to be my warm up and i’d do my sets with 190 lbs

it’s dumb to get upset about it because OF COURSE I’M GETTING WEAKER I’M NO LONGER TRAINING FOR MUSCULAR STRENGTH AND POWER. muscular endurance is sooo much different

but i still feel bad about being so weak, lol. dumb brain.

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