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Inside Orange County Animal Services, a one-year-old beagle named Rufus waits to learn his fate.

The dog’s former owner is fighting to save him from euthanasia, after he bit her four-year-old son on the lip. She says doesn’t understand why Rufus has to die.

It all started April 9, when Rufus’ owner, Nicole West was filling his food dish. Her young son came up behind the beagle, startling Rufus, who bit the little boy. The 4-year-old needed a few stitches.

That night, Orange County Animal services came and took Rufus.

West says she was told the beagle would be “tested for aggression,” and if he was found not to be aggressive, Rufus would be put up for adoption. But last week, West learned that her former pet was scheduled to be euthanized because of the severity of the bite.

"My son woke up and said, ‘Hey, where’s Rufus?’ And at that point my heart sank, he loves him.  And he forgives him, so I don’t understand why Rufus has to die," West said.

West’s attorney filed the injunction to keep Rufus from being put down while they appeal the case.

Orange County Animal Services has gone on record, saying because of the severity of the injury, state statute says they must euthanize Rufus even if the dog is not found to be aggressive.


hey guys, this is in my city and I’d really appreciate if you all could sign the petition to help save this poor little puppy from death for just doing something any young dog would. 

The facebook page is here!

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